How to create leave balance groups

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create leave balance groups. This feature allows leave reasons to be grouped together and draw from the same bank of hours.

1. Navigate to Organization > Configuration > Job Reasons > Update Reason Groups.

2. Click Add Job Reason Group, enter a Name and click Save.

3. You can add existing reasons or new reasons to the group.

3a. To add an existing reason to the group, click the three dots then Edit. Select the group name from the Job Reason Group dropdown and click Save.

3b. To create a new reason and add it to the group, click Add Reason. Select the group from the Job Reason Group dropdown, then enter a Name, Conditions, Restrictions and click Save.

Note: Once the reason group has been created and the appropriate reasons have been added you can add balances to the employee accounts. Balances can be entered for the reason group and even for individual reasons within the group. For more information see How to edit employee leave balances.

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