How to create a substitute priority list

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a substitute priority list.

1. Navigate to Branches and search or select the branch.

2. Click Substitute Priority Lists and select Add Priority List.

3. Name the list and click Create.

Once the list is created, you can add Groups to create additional tiers of the hierarchy, manage substitutes within the groups and activate the priority list by adding any sites within the branch to the list. 

4a. Click Manage Groups 

4b. Name the group and click Save.

4c. Click Manage Substitutes

4d. Prioritize substitutes and click Save.

Once a site is added, Absence & Substitute will automatically apply the hierarchy to all jobs for that site associated with the job instead of posting it to the pool. Note that any Requested Substitutes will still be in the first group and supersede any associated list.

5a. Click Sites > Manage Sites. 

5b. Use the check boxes under Selected and click Save.

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