How to verify absences

This is a step-by-step guide on how to verify absences.

1. Navigate to Jobs > Verify Jobs.

2. Check the box next to each absence that you would like to verify. You can also click the uppermost check box to select all absences.

Note: You will only see absences that require verification from the verify jobs page. In order to require verification, an absence must be Unverified and in the past or within 2 hours of the start time of the absence.

Note: You can also edit any absence from the Verify Jobs page using the 3 dots followed by Edit and/or filter down to specific absences using the filters.

3. Once the absences are checked, click the Verify button then confirm the verification.

Note: When absences are verified, they are automatically locked. Once an absence is locked, only administrators with the lock/unlock permission can unlock the absence in order to edit it.

4. Once all absences are verified, you will see All done for now!

Note: You can also verify absences from the Details page of any unverified absence.

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